16. June 2013 Falcon

Falcon Petroleum Limited partners Fate Foundation to train women

Falcon Petroleum Limited, operator of the Ikorodu Natural Gas Distribution Franchise in her quest to promote entrepreneurship development for women in Nigeria has partnered with FATE Foundation to deliver entrepreneurial training, business development and advisory services to less privileged women in Ikorodu. Speaking at the opening of the program, Falcon Petroleum co-founder and Executive Director Mrs. Audrey Joe-Ezigbo stated, our objective in providing this highly interactive and participatory training is to ensure full corporate support of the women who have been beneficiaries of our earlier vocational skills training project. As fallout of the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the project beneficiaries, we recognized the need to further train the women to gain some additional technical and business skills to give them direction as they navigate the difficult terrain of the entrepreneurial world. Joe-Ezigbo said, Falcon Petroleum has chosen to partner with FATE Foundation because they are an establishment of significant repute and a clear commitment to the promotion of economic development in Nigeria through the provision of quality entrepreneurial development training and opportunities, and quality is the bedrock of everything that we do at Falcon.

FATE Foundation is a non-profit organization that offers capacity building business workshops on specific subjects and industry sectors for the general public.

Over the next few days, beneficiaries will be taken through modules which include growing and managing your business; understanding the characteristics and vision of successful entrepreneurs; learning to identify and assess business opportunities to grow your business; managing your business effectively -being a leader; understanding the importance of punctuality, planning and reliability; effective sales techniques and excellent customer service skills; identifying and deploying tools and resources needed to ensure outstanding sales; building client relationships; best practices for creating loyal customers; developing your book and record keeping skills, amongst others. At the end of the workshop, Falcon Petroleum and FATE Foundation will continue to work together on the monitoring and evaluation of the beneficiaries’ progress in their various businesses, with FATE Foundation continuing to provide business advisory services to the women for six (6) months thereafter.

According to Mrs. Audrey Joe-Ezigbo, this program underpins the commitment of Falcon Petroleum Limited to enterprise development in Nigeria, and our understanding that this is a vital ingredient for the Nation to reestablish our commercial and industrial glory on the landscape of Africa and the world. Our focus on women is based also on the clarity that we have on the role and contributions of women towards nation-building. Statistics have it that about a third of businesses in the world are owned by women, with women in developing economies being accountable for a high percentage of those businesses. Joe-Ezigbo stated that the world is currently looking to Africa as an investment haven and so there is a major need for those of us who are older and more established in business to give freely of ourselves towards the building up of those who will provide the bedrock of products and services that will support the Nation as it moves into new frontiers in Africa. In our view, this is one of our many initiatives that feed into our vision for Nigeria. Operational since 1994, Falcon Petroleum Limited is a private ISO 9001:2008 Quality-certified company providing EPC, Maritime support, Pipeline Construction and Natural Gas Distribution services to the Oil & Gas, and other sectors in Nigeria. In its almost twenty years of operations, Falcon Petroleum Limited has achieved remarkable strides and established itself as a leading player in Nigerian Oil and Gas industry.


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