It is of paramount importance to us that our host communities recognize us as a good corporate citizen

We are dedicated to making measurable impact on the communities within which we operate and draw resources from. To this extent, we maintain an articulate and participatory policy, which guides our community relations initiatives. We recognize that our operations have significant implications for those around us therefore specific considerations for the protection of life; properties and the environment are incorporated into our project planning and implementation processes.


We establish and maintain rapport and a deep sense of ownership and collaboration with our host communities through guided participation in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation stages, to ensure that whatever intervention projects we deliver to them are in alignment with their primary requirements at any given time.

We are a good corporate citizen worthy of emulation, and position ourselves as a preferred partner in every instance. We are committed to acting always in a socially responsible and sustainable manner, ensuring integrity and transparency in all our dealings. Our sustainability agenda is founded on several levers among which are our commitments to:

  • Engage in developmental projects within our host communities
  • Create employment opportunities for community members
  • Engage local contractors with competence to handle various facets of our work
  • Deploy local products/materials where possible
  • Invest heavily in local manpower training, development and skills acquisition
  • Employ resources in an efficient and environmentally friendly and suitable way
  • Pay our taxes in full and in a timely manner
  • Ensure full disclosure and compliance with IFRS reporting requirements
  • Perform our work safely, to quality standards in line with international Best Practice, and in compliance with identified local, State & Federal environmental laws, regulations and statutes
  • Manage the impacts of our projects on the environment in an effective manner
  • Increase profits and returns to our investors and financial stakeholders

Corporate sustainability & Responsibility (CSR)

Our CSR programs include various partnerships, integration projects, skills acquisition initiatives, and the promotion of education at all levels including educational sponsorships. We deploy our interventions directly, as well as by productive collaborations with non-profit organizations whose objectives align with our corporate ethos of making tangible impact and driving up value in the lives and communities within which we operate.


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