Falcon Corporation is a leading, privately held, wholly indigenous company.

Falcon Corporation commenced operations in 1994 under the trade name of Falcon Petroleum Limited. Our company name was changed in 2014 following a rebranding exercise in the wake of the anniversary of our 20th year of operations in particular and also to reflect our current multi-faceted areas of operation.

As a conglomerate, Falcon Corporation holds a diverse portfolio of prime investments in Oil & Gas, Energy & Infrastructure, Real Estate & Construction. As a group, we maintain a singular focus to deliver value consistently in the areas within which we operate.

founded on the principles of integrity and innovation

Our company was founded on the principles of integrity and innovation, with a vision to make tangible impact and elevate the profile of private entrepreneurial development in Nigeria. Currently headquartered in Lagos, we started business in Port Harcourt as an Oil Service Company. Our change of operational base, scope of service and corporate name notwithstanding, our Founders’ sound moral character, spirit of enterprise and excellence, resilience and commitment to creating long-term sustainable value has never wavered. Indeed, this spirit continues to pervade the very fabric of our business to date.


Falcon started out in a very humble way, but with a determination to make a difference. Our Founders were clear that our company was in business for the long haul and so from inception, we emulated and imbibed industry best practices, benchmarking ourselves always against multinationals and leading industry giants. At a time when the industry considered only companies with foreign technical partnerships to be serious contenders, we remained dogged in our approach and unwavering in our conviction that we would succeed despite the odds.

contribution to the development of Nigeria’s domestic Gas industry

We found ourselves engrossed in the Natural Gas industry at a very early stage of our business, and though we were unable at that time to prosecute our aspirations to deliver gas for industrial use in South-Eastern Nigeria, we refused to give up. We applied the engineering knowledge we had garnered at that time towards creating a niche market within the gas industry in Nigeria, and to date we have been responsible for the internal pipeline construction, equipment conversion and commissioning to fire on Natural Gas of a majority of industries within the existing franchise areas in Nigeria. For several years also, we held annual Natural Gas training and enlightenment seminars, as our contribution to the development of Nigeria’s domestic Gas industry.

Early in the 2000’s we again expressed our interest in operating a Natural Gas distribution project, this time within the Ikorodu area of Lagos State. After several rounds of commercial and technical bidding over the next three years, we emerged as the licensed Local Distribution Company for the Ikorodu Natural Gas franchise zone, and we have since spent the last decade deepening our footprints within the domestic gas industry in Nigeria.

an entity that is well worthy of emulation

From 2005 to 2011 we partnered with the African Capital Alliance (ACA) group who made an investment into our business through their funds SME Partnership and SME II Partnership. This for us marked another critical leap era of transformation for our company with the end result of a much bigger, better structured and significantly stronger Falcon. We are proud to remain widely acknowledged in the ACA group as an entity that is well worthy of emulation, and definitely one of their most successful investments to date.

fully committed to the Local Content development

Falcon Corporation is fully committed to the Local Content development aspirations of our Nation. From inception we have operated with a 100% Nigerian workforce and to date maintain over 68% spend on local products/services. We consider our local experience to be a critical asset for the growth of our industry in a sustainable manner and a notable contribution by Falcon Corporation to national development. We are determined to continue to develop our competencies and capabilities even further and where appropriate, we are open to the creating of strategic alliances and joint ventures that are designed to enable us achieve our growth targets.

Commitment to Safety, Operational Excellence and Quality Workmanship

Our group maintains an unwavering commitment to Safety, Operational Excellence and Quality Workmanship. We are driven by a focus on continuous improvement and ensuring service reliability with the ultimate objective of delivering full customer satisfaction. The result of this has been that we have developed a total engineering capability and a results-driven system based on which our dynamic growth and sound industry reputation are hinged. Companies within the Falcon group are progressive companies, visionary organizations that today boast of a wealth of locally-available global skills and engineering expertise.

As we reposition ourselves for another 20 years and well beyond, our brand promise proudly remains ‘Delivering value’ – to our industry, to the Nation, to partners and stakeholders in our business.

Falcon Logo Evolution


Old Falcon Petroleum Logo (1994-2014)


New Falcon Corporation Logo (2014)


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