We employ top quality Nigerians who undergo training both locally and abroad on a continuous basis.

We are a wholly indigenous organization that strongly believes in and supports the Nigerian Local Content policy thrust. Our employment policy mirrors this as Nigerians with appropriate skill set are offered jobs in preference to foreign nationals, and developed further through trainings both locally and abroad on a continuous basis. Expatriate engagement in any aspect of our work is solely for knowledge transfer purposes. Our Managing Director and entire senior leadership team are Nigerians, evidencing our dedication to empowering Nigerian employees at the highest levels of our organization. We are dogged in our quest to contribute significantly to the development of a readily-available pool of local talent at various levels – skilled, semi-skilled and professional.

From inception, we have maintained 100% local content in all other aspects of our operations, drawing on foreign technical expertise strictly only in areas of works and on project-related equipment which are otherwise not locally available. We take these steps to create deliberate opportunities for indigenous participation in tender exercises involving stiff competition and high capital investment and technology. In so doing, we encourage local companies to invest in equipment and facilities as well as in training to enhance their capabilities, and grow from being agents to local companies that are able to provide value-adding technical services in the medium to high technology sectors. We consider our Local Content commitment as one of Falcon’s significant contributions to nation-building.


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