Life at Falcon – Ajiro Okwezuzu

“It’s been 6 years that I have been working in Falcon Corporation Limited and it has proved to be a good experience for me. I have work in several places before I joined Falcon Corporation Limited but I have not seen an organization that is so keen on employee training and development. I have been able to develop myself both ‘personally and professionally”.

Life at Falcon – Oladeji Olaoti

“As a Business Development professional, I appreciate the way Falcon Corporation demonstrates its willingness to invest in long term growth, and the commitment towards sound corporate governance.”

A place of excellence and purpose – Joseph Olajide

”In my few months so far at Falcon Corporation Limited, I can confidently say it’s been a place of outstanding excellence and a ground that drives individual development and purpose.

The responsibility of indigenous companies to motivate and keep the interest of their employees at heart has always sounded like fairy tales until I got to Falcon Corporation.

    • Top management – Superb


    • Productivity and Team spirit – Excellent


    • Training and Development – Top Priority


    • Relationship across board – Family-like


    Conduct and Policy – Friendly

As an HSEQ personnel, it has been a place of defined quality standard, perfect work environment and sound cooperate governance. I’ll be forever grateful to God for making Falcon a worthwhile chapter in my career book.”

Life at Falcon – Samuel Ugwu

“I don’t think I can take the time to thank Falcon and her management enough, especially the way they have impacted me professionally over the years. Falcon has influence my life in many ways.

I have been working at Falcon full-time (More than 7 years) and Falcon has been for me a very inclusive environment that supports personal and career growth opportunities. Highly supportive and good people all around in the company. At Falcon one unique thing you will easily notice is promotion of a healthy company culture, and decent work-life balance with good policies in place and friendly colleagues in general. I thank God, for Falcon’s Management and, of course, the MD and ED, who from start treated me as a son, staff and friend. They are one of the greatest people in the world. I promise all of them I will not let them down and keep working for the company’s success.”

Life at Falcon – Jane Ohabiaraije

My experience in Falcon has really been awesome. Before I Joined Falcon in May 2013, I was a very shy person. I avoided any form of public speaking or discussing with certain cadre of Management as a result of fear. Falcon has indeed changed that aspect of my life. Falcon gave me the privilege to anchor some pep talks, attend Trainings, industry Annual General, Oil and Gas industry lectures, etc. All these I must say, have indeed brought me out of my shell and made me to be the professional I am designed to be.

Falcon is a place where you can’t afford not to develop yourself. It was really surprising to see that its a part of staff Appraisal that you must at each every point, have this quest for personal development. This I can assure you will make everyone not only useful to the organization, but an asset to anyone who applies this quest.
One major thing I love about Falcon Family is that it’s a place where you can do your job without fear and anxiety. My experience with the Top Management is that they never look down on staff nor make it difficult for you to access them. There is this spirit of oneness amongst us and staffs are always ready to assist eachother to attainset goals.
I must say that my choice of working in this great Organization has not in any way been a bad idea so far and the opportunity given to me by Falcon to be part of her will equally never be abused nor taken for granted. There is this wise saying that says “To whom, much is given, much is expected” that is my watch word.

Life at Falcon – Oluwakemi Daramola

I initially joined Falcon in March 2002 and moved up through ladder in the organization. Though, I had a short 1½ year break from the company, I could not keep away from home and came right back. Falcon being a futuristic and progressive minded company, has always developed and encouraged employees to harness their talents.

In working here I have learnt not to limit myself, and that I can do anything I set my mind to. I have learnt to dream big and not to despise the days of little beginnings. The Top Management clearly appreciates staff efforts, practice an open door policy and ensure a warm and healthy work environment.
The climb was hard but having bosses that inspire and support our efforts and correct you when necessary, made and makes coming to work on a daily basis a sheer pleasure. Our Directors trust and believe in you to do the right thing at the right time to obtain the right result – the RIGHT company -FALCON. Falcon has a culture of inclusion. Employees are updated on Management’s plan for the organization, and even former employees know that our doors are always opened to them. Team building, safety, quality, integrity and constant improvement are important standards we do not compromise in Falcon.
It’s been a life changing experience for me to work in Falcon. My time here has made me a better and more productive person, giving attention to details. We are not superficial. For us, presentation and delivery arekey! We are in a class of our OWN.
Falcon has proved to me that this is a company that is very evidently interested in the welfare of all her employees.I work with people that see me as ‘Person’ and not just one of the staff. Our BIG MAN has indeed consistently shown Himself Big on our behalf. I am proud to be a Falconite!

My Falcon Story… A place of Learning and Development.

I remember my final interview with Mrs Audrey Joe-Ezigbo, my Executive Director, she said to me “May, you seem to have worked only a year each in all these organizations listed on your resume, are you sure you will not work only one year here and run away?” and here was my reply – “Ma, yes I will not run away and that’s because I want to grow with this organization; I am looking for an environment where I can harness and maximize my potentials, an organization with challenging and exciting opportunities”

Aha! Yes Falcon is that place, a place of continuous learning and improvement. I started as a Front Liner and my first “major” assignment was taking minutes in a Management meeting’ it was major for me because even though I had taken minutes in my Old School Association meetings, it was nothing compared to the level of gathering I found myself. So I went into the meeting almost scared from the faces I saw, this was a top management meeting, my ED noticed my countenance and gave me a reassuring look and I told myself I could do it and I did it.
From then on minute taking was a piece of cake. I have exhaled so far over my almost 6 years stay in Falcon, I have attended several trainings, handled different challenging assignments, supervised projects….. the list is endless. Today I am an Admin & Procurement Officer for Falcon Corporation Limited.
My name is May Udoka and this is my Falcon Story.

Life at Falcon – Godwin Nana

Working in Falcon for me has been very challenging and interesting, not to mentionvery rewarding as well. In Falcon you are required to push to the limits in all your deliverables as there is never a dull moment. You are required as a mandate to deliver the best of you in your field of expertise.

You are also encouraged to grow in your field of endeavor and most importantly continuous training is given to staff in order to meet the ever evolving economic and technological advancements that tend to out cloud any dormant establishment.


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