We possess a wealth of experience to execute our customers’ specific project design requirements, successfully delivering both general and unique applications to suit various international, technical and regulatory specifications.

Pipeline Construction

We possess the capacity to simultaneously construct multiple spreads across the country utilizing various modern pipeline construction techniques. We have the expertise and experience in both Steel and PolyEthylene pipe construction, and across all terrains.

Fabrication & Structural Steel Works

We provide clients with precisely engineered and cost-effective structural steel construction and fabrication services, working on or off-site to deliver quality output.

Technical Procurement

An international network of dedicated procurement professionals ensures we provide the best value goods and services which conform to our customers’ technical specifications and unique applications.

Project Management

We provide expert leadership, cost, time and resources controls, and effective risk management – from Project planning to execution and contract administration, for specific stand-alone or integrated construction projects.



We are the Local Distribution Company (LDC) responsible for the build-up, operation, and management of the Ikorodu Natural Gas Franchise. Through our extensive network of pipes and delivery infrastructure, we deliver Natural Gas to industries for use as fuel or feedstock in their various applications and processes; continually expanding our distribution network to benefit other un-served customers and regions.


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